Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Arabian nights...

Hello Poopdeckers!

Wishing you a warm and not too windy welcome from the Mersea Poop Deck this month. Its been a mixed few weeks, with sunny spells and chilly thrills which have left many of us wondering whether to wear a scarf or sunglasses... our advice, wear both!

Just remember, spring is on its way and hopefully it will bring with it fond memories of warmer climes and summer fun :-)

If all this isnt enough to unfreeze your toes, then take a glimpse at what we at the Poop Deck have been doing this month...

here's a clue:
Our new Poop Deck mascot!!

 The Poop Deck went to..... Marrakech!!!

Hunting for traditional treasures...
And admiring the intricately decorated designs...
(as well as Linda's complementing skirt!)

This trip inspired us to bring some of this remarkable Moroccan culture back to Mersea, in the form of our "Moroccan Delights" window.

Bright Colours and Patterned Fabrics set the scene...

Tassels Galore!

Eastern influenced Fashion...

And ornaments to brighten up any home.

Perfect for  those future balmy summers' eve drinks parties.

So start looking forwards, the grey days are almost behind us!

Come and see us in the Mersea Poop Deck for more hidden treasures!!!

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