Friday, 29 October 2010

halloween hysteria

I hope you're all in a spooktastic mood, ready for the upcoming halloween weekend...  

Down at the "Poop Deck" we certainly are!

Our "pumpkin" inspired window!

If you're looking for a hair-raising halloween....

Come and see if we have anything to stoke the fire!

Dont miss a trick, cos you might find a treat!!!

Always busy at this time of year, The Poop Deck has had some more interesting visitors in recently! From the old man who was situated in France during the war, who purchased a Vintage French Hat which reminded him of the time he spent there... to the Stone Water Bottles, which are now re-homed in the beds of some newly born puppies, the latest residents to join us in island life... We wish them a cosy winter! Which might not be necessary for our Australian visitors, who wanted to take lots of  goodies back down under... we might be approaching another cold winter here, but with it being their summertime over there, they are looking forwards to sunshine and warmth! Jealous, us?!

 And if its fancy dress you're looking for... 
why not try something original this year?! 

Step away from that tired old "white sheet" ghost outfit and look instead to our glamourous "Vintage Selection" & "Dress Agency"... we are happy to provide suggestions for all your costume & party needs!

put a new spin on an old classic!

whatever you're looking for... 
we're here to help!

We hope you've all been enjoying the half term week & make sure all your halloween needs are met in time for that all important 
trick or treat time!!!

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