Tuesday, 7 December 2010

five minutes of fame!

Hello blog readers! 
And a wintery hello that is too.... What a chilly month its been! I don't think any of us could have predicted the extremes of that sudden onslaught of snow. But its clear to see that as per usual, our nation coped shambolically... One of these days we really must face the fact that we are a small (mostly) cold island and we must therefore prepare ourselves for the inevitable wintery weather!

We are so pleased that despite the snow, many of our customers still braved the adverse weather conditions to come and have a look at out winter goodies... Xmas is coming and that means gifts, presents and decorations need to be bought! If you need some help finding that perfect stocking filler or a surprise for a loved one, pop in and see us at the Poop Deck, we have something for everyone!

On to some more exciting news, this month our resident Poop Deck Vintage expert had a taste of the celebrity world, appearing in Woman and Home magazine!

As one of 4 women involved in the style section, Su showed the world that despite being over 6 foot tall, she still manages to pull off her own unique style with aplomb. It featured a range of different everyday women and how they're style is influenced...

"pushing the boundaries while staying with a style you love". 

A good read for anyone interested in fashion and style as well as those needing inspiration as to how to put together a "look". It gives you advice from how to dress up your 'feel-good' factor to making a statement with your signature style. 

Here are some of the pics from 'behind the scenes' on the day of the shoot....

The model gets ready for her close-up!

the shoot...

The Final Shots...

A Vintage Celebrity!

Please go and get your copy if you want to read more...
currently selling in newsstands near you!

Enjoy the festive feeling everyone and check back for our 'Christmas Winter Window' update... 
coming soon!

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